How we work

How we work

How we work depends largely on what you would like us to do. We cater to all waterproofing and basement projects, regardless of size. We have split our recourses into two brackets, residential and commercial, please follow your project bracket below for more information

We are a specialist basement designer & contractor and approved installers of all different types of waterproofing system. As far as we are concerned it doesn’t matter if you are a major home builder or building your own home, you need to trust in the best when it comes to underground works.

All our structural design work is undertaken by a fully qualified structural engineer, architectural work by a chartered architect and all structural waterproofing design is undertaken by our senior staff, who are Certified Surveyor’s in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW)

Residential Basement Projects

At Beautiful Basements, one of our commitments to customer service excellence is that we think that you should know exactly what to expect from us and how we work.

We therefore follow a clear and consistent process to ensure you get exactly what you want and to make sure that we explore all the available cost options.

Our quotes are always broken down into induvial items so you can see how your project cost build up and we can operate with maximum transparency.

1. First contact

There are two ways to get in touch with us. You can give us a call or fill in our quote form, both can be found here

The first thing we will do is discuss your project requirements, budgets and timescales. We can usually offer some basic advice on options and usually suggest indicative costs for your project.

Alternatively, we can gather some more information from you, plans, site investigation data photos, descriptions etc. and we can then provide you with a more detailed breakdown of works and pricing.

If you have sent us a package of information, following our first discussions we will work up a report, including a budgetary quotation for your project usually within two weeks.

2. Detailed survey

If the pricing we have sent you is within your project budget and you are happy with what we have detailed, the next step is for one of our senior staff to come visit and survey the the site so ensure nothing has been missed.

3. Detailed design and budget adjustments

At this stage we would ensure all structural, architectural, and waterproof design is complete. If the designs have changed or something unexpected has arisen, there will be budget adjustments to suit. If you are using our architects and engineers it is at this stage, we will begin to work on an abortive cost basis, as per our Terms & Conditions

4. Contract & start on site

With the design work and pricing finalised we will require a deposit to allow us to organise a time window for the project and we are ready to get started.

Commercial Basement Projects

Commercial projects are so varied in their nature that we can’t take a single approach to them, meaning that although we always adhere to our standards, how we work can sometimes be necessarily flexible.

Please contact us to discuss your project and your individual requirements although as a minimum we would usually ask for and designs (architectural, structural & waterproofing) if you have them available.

If you’d like to see copies of our guarantees, professional indemnity, public liability, employer’s liability, terms & conditions or any other credentials, please click here

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