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New Build Basements

Design, specification, structural and building services for all underground new build projects from specialist basement builders Beautiful Basements.

As land prices continue to rise, the inclusion of a basement under new build properties is making more and more economic sense. For example a basement under a bungalow will provide 100% more space and a basement under a two storey house 50% more – usually for an extra 20-40% on the build cost! Add in the cost of the land and the extra space becomes even better value for money. See the below case studies for some of our previous works.

If your are interested in a self build project we can work with you and provide waterproofing services only, please see some of our previous projects below where we were commisioned as a sub contractor for the waterproofing only.

We offer a range of services for new builders, from a “ground up” design service, consultancy project management, waterproofing of new build structures, right through to the build of the complete watertight underground structure.

If you are considering a new build basement please contact us for an informal discussion on the options and some budgetary guidelines. If you are already part way through the design process we can review waterproofing detail and provide a quotation for your project.

We can also supply materials, data sheets and guidance for your project if you are considering undertaking the works yourself. Please view our gallery for typical examples of new build basements.

For a video about the valuation of new build basements click here

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