Waterproofing of a car parking deck - Ampthill, Bedfordshire

Project Details

A store area was build during a large redevelopment of an old mansion in a village in rural Bedfordshire.

The store was build without input from a waterproofing expert and was allowing water through the ceiling and the walls. Beautiful Basements was asked to waterproof the deck which was due to become an area for car parking.

A structural concrete slab was laid with a fall to drain water; this was then extensively cleaned and prepared in order to allow adhesion for the layers above. Beautiful Basements then sprayed thick bitumen with a glass fibre reinforcing mesh over the concrete slab. Subsequent drainage layers and tarmac were laid to allow cars to park on the deck.

The substrate of the store below was repaired and cementitious slurry was applied to the walls and floor to provide a completely dry store area.

The substrate to the store below was repaired and cementitious slurries applied to give a completely dry storage area underneath the car park area.

Location: Ampthill, Bedfordshire